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Yesterday I stumbled upon an old project I began over 2 years ago – my blog.  Completely forgotten, terribly neglected, I realized this was not something I was fully ready to give up on.  The flames of my imagination began to spark again as I pondered the possibility of having another go at writing some of my most deepest thoughts and feelings… for others to read!  Therein lies the interesting, intriguing dilemma/challenge:

Can I summon the woman, that inner-Bradshaw that resides somewhere deep within the recesses of my being to peek out and express herself in full glory, in spotlight?

It’s not that I’m seeking to become all relationship columnist/professional clothing shopper.  It’s that I want to be unafraid to write what is TRULY on MY mind… without censor or compromise.  To use my voice, THAT voice that I know exists within me.  To express a very important part of my personality that seeks expression!… but is a little shy to.  Honestly, it would be a shame for me to continue to hold her back.  She’s odd, quirky yes.  She comes with a healthy imagination, sense of humor, and lust for all that’s wonderful and magickal in life.  You see?  It’s not just something I want to do… it’s something I need to do, for the sake of everything really, for all that’s real.  This is what I’m setting out to accomplish today.  I’m refreshing the blog business and inviting her to have the front seat.  To share, whatever it may be to share in any given moment – her most deepest longings, thoughts, and feelings, her imagination and excitement, her fantastic sense of humor.  She may stumble at first in the process of gaining her ground, but… you’ll see.  Light or heavy, I hope to put it all here… to share, and experience.

Here we go!  Caio for now. xo