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No yoga.  No bar-b-que.  What happened?

Almost 36 hours after re-discovering my blog, and deciding to start fresh with it, I’m still completely immersed in its re-launch.  I’ve changed sites, bought a domain, chosen a theme, and upgraded it.

I’ve been completely obsessed, mesmerized with the details – coding in my preferred title font, changing font colors, changing font hover colors… it’s been fun.  I’ve learned a little about CSS  (Cascading Style Sheets), and even a bit more about myself.  Getting to know what matters to me most and what I want to say.  It’s all a part of the creativity I love.  Tweaking it (and tweaking and tweaking) to perfection, to suit my needs and be the platform for what comes next.  It’s important!

But now, well, things looks less clear on the computer screen.  My eyes are pretty tired, but I’m satisfied.  Except for maybe… no, I’m satisfied.  On to the next.  And yes, finally some yoga.

Good nite.