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This morning I spotted something random, and a little intriguing:  there are two small, white feathers on the hallway floor.

When I walked out of my bedroom to get my day started I discovered them lying there outside of my room.  I pointed this out to my roomie, Holly, who (thankfully) gave the same bewildered, amused reaction that I had.  Neither of us could figure how they might have gotten there.  A small mystery.

Well, the mystical, psychic diva within seems to know something and she’s beckoning me to pay more attention.  Everything according to schedule.  Lately, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the Owl.  It has flown into my awareness on more than one occasion recently and my response is magnetic.  I’m drawn to this creature.  There is something more there – something very appealing, and magickal.  So as the intuitive soul that I am I’ve decided to ponder it and welcome it with very open arms to see, learn what it has to teach.


A friend of mine, a woman named Avia Venefica, has created a site at www.whats-your-sign.com.  In it she offers a plethora of symbolic explanation behind everyday moments that most would let go unnoticed and consider irrelevant.  I’ve referred to it often to find answers whenever something within me nudges and I feel now that I have grown intuitively, psychically strong enough to refer to my own inner compass.  Time to test my wings.  And this my friend, might be precisely why the Owl speaks.

What I see:  bird of flight, creature of night, nocturnal, night vision, seer, darkness, feminine, intuition, psychic, mystic/mystery, magick, unknown, trust, wisdom.

It takes courage to trust this part of yourself.  It’s also very exhilarating.  Eventually, you realize the real-ness, and relevance, and magick behind it.  It’s the best connection to have.

And so, later today I shall make this experience a little more tangible in the way I feel is right for me:  I’m off to Pottery Barn.  Their Halloween goods are out in full force, those shameless bastards.  Owls galore, pumpkins everywhere.  I’m on spiritual sensory overload and it’s only September!  Yesterday, I was browsing in the store and discovered small black mice!  I’m not sure what material they’re made of but there was something so unusual about seeing that as a purchase option, among all the other household goods.  But they are very cute, and clever.  I have to decide between a wood-carved owl, or the luminary delight of an owl lantern.  God knows I love my candles! (My roomie calls me “Pyro”, but it’s just good ol’ fashioned candle magick.)  The problem for me is, I want everything!  If I could I would just pack up and live in Pottery Barn… it’s the epitome of home for me.  Soooo yeah… my roommate’s probably going to read this and give a hoot (pun intended) about my owl dilemma.

We both know there will be more to come.


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Photog Unknown