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Since my post last week I’ve been wondering and contemplating on what to write this week.  I’ve made notes whenever some small idea would come up and seem interesting enough, or relevant enough, to share with others.  And then, this morning it hit me (well, more accurately, IT hit me yesterday).

I’ve developed a stye in my eye.  As far as I can remember I’ve never had one before… at least not one this big or painful.  I showed it to my roommate this morning who gave the diagnosis.  I then proceeded to Google up an explanation and treatment.  That’s when I learned that I’ve done just about everything I shouldn’t do to it – popping,  squeezing, cold water… (hey, for the uninitiated it does look like a pimple!)  God bless the internet and it’s abundance of resources and valuable information.  Warm water it is.  Warm compresses… no more touching!

But now, I’m of the mind to view this manifestation with some curiosity.  I believe that what manifests physically can be a result of some deeper happening within.

As above so below?

Lately, I’ve been pondering some big decisions for myself.  I feel as though some part of my life is requiring change, particularly my work.  Things seem to be coming to a head (pun intended).  And, it’s a decision based on how I want to live and what I’m willing to believe, and… which point of reference will present me with the truth that I need.  If I stay, I continue to focus my attention on something that is actually quite toxic for me (going home feeling drained is never a good sign).  If I leave… well then, I’m daring to dream and believe in something greater than myself… and for myself.  I’m daring to trust my inner vision – choosing to believe that inner reality that seems so ready to burst forth and express itself.  Goddess knows it’s nudging me along.  Maybe this is about where I choose to put my focus.

Maybe I’m using the wrong eyeballs!

Mystics and spiritualists will completely get that last statement.  How am I viewing myself?  What is the reality?  What do I truly have to work with?  Do I dare believe?  

Letting go.  Trust.  


Ah, there’s that word Trust again.  It’s scary.  This is where the Unknown makes her entrance.  But, fortunately, I’m growing to like her.  I feel ready for her wisdom.      Dare to Be.

What do you think?  Can YOU see the correlation?  Would love to know your thoughts…