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Image Source: bbc.com via Felicia on Pinterest


Here in good ol’ North Hollywood, California the heat is a mainstay… it seems.  We’re finally in my favorite month, October, and the thermostat has registered a whopping 101° F.  My Weather Channel app is promising me cooler days ahead, beginning with tomorrow – it looks like summer is finally winding down.  In the meantime, with no AC and a few fans to help blow warm air around, I’m left with finding and using any means possible to keep me cool and out of meltdown mode.  Ice lollies, as my British roomie calls them, are the American version of popsicles.  I need many right now… any flavor… just bring it!!!

Other news…

I quit my job.  I’ve given a month’s notice and then I move on to the next adventure.  I’ve spent the past year working on a temp level for a luxury retailer in an assignment I wouldn’t wish on anyone really.  It’s been tough, and I’m feeling it.  I’m happy that I’ll be able to walk away from this with more clarity and insight into myself and my highest needs.  It has truly served me well in this way.  I feel more empowered to insist on more.  Not in the selfish, unhealthy way.  But in the selfish, healthy way.  So far, in this lifetime I’ve listened to others, I’ve followed the crowd, I’ve done the unconscious, conditioned thing.  Now it’s time to be me.  To speak my voice.  To create my world.  To check in, and live accordingly.  This isn’t just a new chapter, it’s a milestone.  The unknown looms large and yet I can feel very excited about the possibilities.  Right now, I’m feeling very magickal, very alive, very connected.

In the meantime, I continue to put my attention, my focus on things and places of interest (Pinterest anyone?).  It’s a very important thing to do…. very important.  My laptop homepage is now set to the BBC.  I’ve always appreciated their news feed more than others.  They cover everything, including some things good, whimsical, and inventive.  One of their stories I’ve posted above in the form of a double-decker bus.  Just click on the pic and follow the tabs.  Enjoy it’s simplicity. (In the not-too-distant future I’ll upgrade my blog to include embedding options.)  Until then…

Cheers 🙂