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Imagination is everything!

I’m getting emails daily in the work week from Mike Dooley.  Why?  Because I signed up for them.

Mike Dooley is an Inspiritional Speaker and Positive Thought Professor.  He offers daily emails – daily messages loaded with words of wisdom, not from himself, but from the Universe.  Clever…  Imaginative!  He is one of those people who believes in the power of thought and our inter-connectedness in life and sets out to remind the rest of us of what we have to work with.  He is also the guy on The Secret telling us ‘Thoughts Become Things’ (remember the “WooHoo”?).

I believe there is truth to his message.

If you have watched The Secret, you know what I’m talking about – the message that informs us of our inherent connection with all that is, giving us the perfect opportunities to create what we want and what we need.  It’s true.  I believe it.  I feel it.  But the fact is, this co-creative process takes some effort.  We have to work at our thought processes if we want to ‘cash in’ on our dream.  I know that for me it has been a bit of a struggle at times.  But, there is always the very next moment.  That’s why I’m writing about it now.  As I work on my own artistic collaboration with the universe I feel that one step to bring me closer to dream manifestation is to write down the words that will make the difference.  Put it on paper.  Doing so will also help you to get clearer within yourself… very important.  Let the universe see your instructions so that it will be clear.  As it is said in The Secret – YOU make the commands.  The universe is your Genie and it will obey.  Sound silly?  Try it … I dare you.  Talk about something you want.  Find a friend, someone supportive and receptive who will listen.  Tell them… it’s even better if you can say it with passion.  Say it.  Or, write it down.  Put the words on paper.  Be clear, and imagine the Universe is sitting write next to you reading your instructions… another friend – open, receptive, supportive.  For that’s what it is.  Believe it.

For instance, ahem, I have a dream of living in a lovely flat in Notting Hill, London – I want to share my time between this home and my home in LA.  I have a dream of experiencing financial and critical success in artistic, creative endeavors; of experiencing wealth and prosperity.  I see myself living completely on track.  I am one with myself and can truly be myself.  Strength, compassion, and wisdom are my tools.  I share my smile alot.      My life unfolds magickally.  Freedom.  I feel my connection, trust it, and my creativity seems to flow effortlessly as a result.  I see myself happy.  I travel and enjoy my life.   Love is also in the picture. This is what I truly want.  (Thank you!)

And so it is.

I invite you to reply with your own commands, if you so choose.  I hope if you do you’ll find it as empowering, good-feeling, and eye-opening as I did.  Try it!

To help prove my point, I’m giving you some eye candy of real-life events – good things – either already here or coming up that can remind us of the possibilities in life and can help spark the imagination, inspire, entertain, or uplift… just a few of my favorite things.  Enjoy.

Use your mind.  Imagine.

Cheers xo