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Purple PomPom Dahlia

I know I know… it’s probably not the best time to be chatting about blossoming flowers as Mother Nature is about to lie down for her winter sleep in the Northern Hemisphere.  Or perhaps, it is.

The seasons of Life and Death continue their procession, and now, the cold of winter’s chill will soon slowly blanket Mother Earth, bringing life to a metaphorical standstill.  Nature appears to die back into a state of nothingness, but it is here where something powerful can happen.

Never underestimate the power of stillness… much can occur.

It is now the time to ponder our dreams, plant seeds of intention, and contemplate what actions will be needed to see them spring forth into manifestation.  Meditate, eat healthy and tend to well-being.  Embrace life in all its stages with child-like curiosity while collaborating with the Universe on your own dreams and schemes.

Lately, I’ve been utilizing my downtime creating Virtual Vision Boards via Pinterest.  For me, it is an excellent way to see the world at large as well as seeking out ideas and inspiration, whether it be in fashion, food, flora, or fauna.  Such a delight!  Below are some pictures of things that go bloom that I want to see in my own backyard someday.

(All images borrowed from Pinterest)

In the meantime, the transition persists.  Autumn blesses us with harvest and golden hues.  Most people I talk to love this time of year.  The cooler weather means sweaters and layers!  We’re getting cozy and enjoying life easily, letting our senses take treat in the sound of rustling leaves, sometimes crunching crisply under our feet.  A time of Thanks-giving (and Gratitude is an excellent food for freshly planted seeds!!)  Enjoy!

(All images borrowed from Pinterest)

Is there something you’ve been wanting to materialize?  Do you have any seeds lying around, waiting to be planted?