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(Meanwhile back here in Tinseltown)

Absolem from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland begins his journey of transformation.

Sooo, here’s me at the moment.  Feeling very much like a pupating caterpillar, I’m patiently utilizing precious down time – by just hanging out.  Although unlike Absolem, who seems much more at ease in his transformative undertaking, I am doing my best to have faith.

An uncomfortable ride indeed.  Recently I had asked the Universe for big change.  Why?  Because it’s time.  It seems the Universe is now asking the same of me.  Some form of deep, personal, transformative undertaking needs to occur in the form of PATIENCE.  It’s funny to me how difficult being still, and relaxing can be for me.

From the start, I made plans to organize and exercise and thought I had it laid out but things don’t always go according to plan and cannot when every fiber of my being insists on a phase of inaction.  Sound strange?  It feels strange!  I observe the impulse to second-guess myself with a head full of thoughts dictating how things in life are actually meant to play out – LOGIC.  It’s not too difficult to see a world buzzing around.  It insinuates itself upon me, asking for more action, more structure, more obligation.  Not that those are bad things, but Life is Big and sometimes has to be lived from a deeper place of knowing.  Intuition leads the way.  Sometimes inaction is necessary (aka letting go).  Uncomfortable, challenging… but necessary.  I know now the importance for me to be true to myself,  to give that full expression.

With the free time I’ve had in the past two weeks (since finishing one chapter and closing certain doors) I did manage to pick up my new winter coat that I’d ordered online, wash my very dirty, little white car, go for hikes at Runyon Canyon, as well as tackle a few shopping errands.  I also managed to follow through on my date with Mr. Bond – James Bond (hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do).  But the rest has been… very chill.   I’m in serious cave time people.  Writing?  Some, yes – and the more I tackle it, the more invigorated I am, the more I feel I’m on the right track.

This is very important.

If you’re gonna go for your dreams you better be prepared to take chances – trust is a factor.  

Being present is another.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the quick pace of life.  But I’ve noticed how valuable, intuitive information can be missed if I get too attached to the external world.  I truly believe we are all connected to Divine information – guidance through intuition.  It involves honoring cycles.  It brings the magick of life in to our reality and experience; making life so much fuller to live.  But ya’ have to check in and honor its snippets!  That’s why I think it’s very important to have present moment awareness and trust intuition implicitly, every step of the winding, mysterious way.

Rabble, rabble, rabble…

Meanwhile, I’ve spent much downtime this week with my latest discovery:  BBC’s iPlayer.  Never heard of it until recently this past week.  I stumbled upon it while reading an article about Hitler, of all things, on BBC’s news website.  An announcement on the side was promoting the article’s subsequent documentary on iPlayer.  It caught my eye and I took a look.  Unfortunately, I’m not allowed access to all the wonderful British TV programs because of TV License fees imposed in the UK for such access.  Drats!  However, there IS access to their radio content which I’ve been enjoying thoroughly.  Hooray!  So far my favs are:  5live Breakfast, Victoria Derbyshire, the Archers, and Richard Bacon‘s afternoon show… and there is sooo much more to explore!  (If anyone knows of a way to gain access to BBC’s visual content, I’d love to know!)


USGP Winner: Lewis Hamilton

After a full day of drizzle yesterday here in North Hollywood, Sunday offers beautiful, crisp, clean autumnal atmosphere – perfect for long walks and/or some Formula 1 racing.

I did both!

First a very refreshing walk to Starbucks for my morning joe, then I tuned in for some racing.   The United States hosted today’s Grand Prix in Austin, TX after years of planning, speculation and deliberating on whether it can successfully make a return here in the States.  It was truly an exciting race!  I watched with giddy anticipation as my favorite, England’s Lewis Hamilton of Team McLaren, took the lead with 14 laps remaining, and stayed there until the finish!  Wicked.

So that wrap’s it up for this week.  Stay tuned here for further dream developments!  Coming up next week…

A craving for adjectives? … (double meaning FULLY intended.)

Check out below some photos I’ve taken when I last spent time in London – for all the Anglophiles out there (and I know you’re out there!).  Looking forward to my next visit!…

(Images: Felicia Brokaw)

Until next time… Cheers!

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