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A is for...

A is for…

As I was finishing up my last post I came upon the idea to talk about adjectives – most likely a result of me pondering my endeavour to write.  It occurred to me that this could be an excellent exercise (excuse) to:

A) let loose a child-like playfulness within (important)
B) expand and strengthen my current vocabulary (very important)
C) strengthen my writing skills (super important)
D) let loose an atomic bomb of good vibrations onto the Universe, thereby tickling it mercilessly into unabashed submission quicker! (super-duper, blueberry strength important)
E) C & D
F) All of the above

You see, there is power, alot of power in words.  Like everything else that exists, they carry energy.  Because of this power, they play a very crucial importance in our day-to-day.  They form the basis of relationships and sustain them, they inform our world and help it to take shape, they communicate, through us, messages of creation and destruction.

I have decided to focus on adjectives because of their descriptive attributes and their ability to tweak our perceptions, giving it volume and depth.

Here is a little, tiny something for starters.


Crimson red, pointy leaves
Fall gracefully from blue, cloud-speckled skies
Soft drizzle, cool air, whispering wind blows
Warm, elegant sunlight peeks through
Sending heaven’s rays through filtered spaces
Golden stars descend to meet
Gray, tattered sneakers
Walking playfully, innocently
On a red, orange, yellow-hued mosaic
Of leafy carpet


Dull, dreary, concrete paths interrupt
A divine, prodigious orchestra of
Crisp, crackling, crunchy sounds
My feet long to meet
A season for everything


Precious, innocent child within
Finds joy in simple movements
And colorful, earthy moments
The long path ahead less clear
Covered with fallen angels
A convoluted, pile up of sound bites
As Nature’s goddess winks

– by Felicia Brokaw © 2012

Supremely simple, I know.  It doesn’t have to be so complicated. 😉

Until next time… Cheers!