About the Author

Soooo let me first apologize for the extra-large font size.  I’m still trying to figure out this part of “the tweak”.  Hopefully soon I’ll have all pages at a decent size.  Until then…

Well, I can be complicated.  I’m kind, but feisty! What I want most is to be happy, to see the truth in things, to live beyond the illusion, and to have the courage to be me.  I think my ultimate goal in life is to experience its magick.  I strive to live each moment intuitively.  I love nature and her creatures and am learning more and more to take guidance from that.  I also LOVE London!  It is a dream of mine to share my time between there and my current home, Los Angeles.  I’m trying to speak fluent French and I want to start drawing again.

Before returning to Los Angeles I lived in London briefly and called Manhattan ‘home’ for about 10 years.  I’m from southern Illinois – I grew up next to the mighty Mississippi.  I miss some of its simplicity.  I don’t miss the mosquitos… but I do miss the thunderstorms.

My blog is about life really.  I plan to share my thoughts, ideas, and creations as well as the ideas and creations of others.  It’s a space for dreaming – and also taking action.  It’s about daring to live an imagined life.  I hope you enjoy it.  Currently, my goal is to write something weekly.  I’m just getting started so hopefully as my writing prowess grows stronger I’ll share more often.  Always feel free to send in your thoughts.  I look forward to it.


Felicia Brokaw


Any thoughts?

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