About the Author

I’m a rebel.

suuuper stubborn.  On the flip side I’m mad persistent.

I can be complicated.  I’m kind, but don’t cross me.  And whatever you do, DON’T tell me what is.  I like to sort that for myself from within.  I strive to live each moment intuitively.  I believe in the creative process.   I love nature and her creatures (especially squirrels, birds, and crows. Yes, I know crows are birds).

I live in Los Angeles doing the acting bit.  I lived in London briefly (miss it terribly) and called Manhattan ‘home’ for about 10 years.  I’m from southern Illinois – I grew up next to the mighty Mississippi.  I miss some of its simplicity.  I don’t miss the mosquitos…

…but I do miss the thunderstorms.

My blog is about life, mostly all the random bits.  I’d like to share this randomness with people who know better.  It’s a space for dreaming… being.


Felicia Brokaw


Any thoughts?

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